#8 Jonathon Mullcreek

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Name: Jonathon Mullcreek
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 17/Male/White
Main Goal: Destroy all ghosts in the world.
Occupation: None/Occasional Mugger
Motivation: Revenge
Inner Need: Power and Self Esteem
Flaw: Low Self Esteem, Anger Issues
Good/Bad Habits: Takes care to remember hiding places, blames others for his own problems.
Secret: Was raped by a ghost as a young child.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Streetsmart, very good at hand-to-hand combat, fast and very good at climbing and hiding.
Quirks: Wears all black, as well as a pair of spiked shoulder pads.
Attitude: Grumpy
Dialogue Style: Low, menacing, terse.
Backstory/Description: Jonathon Mullcreek grew up as the only child of a widow living in the haunted city of Dunberg, where the ghosts of the dead are treated as citizens alongside living humans. As he was walking home from the park one day, he was abducted by a ghost and raped in an alleyway. Traumatized, he fell in with the other street urchins to learn how to fight, and he bought a pair of magic gloves that would make his punches effective against ghosts. In between skipping school and stealing things he hunts and kills ghosts as revenge.

Yay, catch up time! Dang, I sure have gotten behind. Anyway, I had a dream about this guy, and I figured it was too good of an idea to just pass up.

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