#9 Malloren

| November 10, 2010 | 6 Comments

Malloren is , in my story, one of the few but many wolves born with wings. After a life of an outcast, she begins to gather a pack herself, with her as alpha female. But her hope for peace for wing-backed wolves, is soon shattered apart.

Category: Drama, Fantasy

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  1. Wolves with wings! 🙂

    Why is it shattered apart? So both of her parents were normal wolves?

    • Alyssa Brandt says:

      its shattered apart when Malloren’s pack is attacked by normal wolves, they were wrongly accused of the death of a pup. Her father was a normal wolf, but her mother wasn’t, she once had wings. but she ripped them off because she was an outcast because of them. Malloren’s mother Falla is out to kill her and her sister, so she won’t be outcast again, for bearing wing-backed pups. Its a very messed up story.

  2. Tyler James says:

    Alpha female and wolf with wings. I’m a fan.

  3. I hope her dream gets realized. It seems like it’d be a touching story.

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