#12 – Varuna

| November 12, 2010 | 4 Comments

Varuna is a Vedic God of sky, water, the celestical ocean and the law. In the Mythoscape, he takes the last one very seriously. He had his sea monster steed, Makara and his trusty lasso long before John Wayne arrived in this world. As soon as he met the Duke, Varuna was hooked on westerns and has taken a much more old west attitude towards keeping the peace. He’s one of Three gods (Indra and Agni to follow) who pride themselves on their mounts.

Category: Fantasy, Humor, Scifi

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  1. smjjames says:

    Looks pretty cool. 🙂 He seems rather bug eyed, possibly because they are a bit out of position.

    • JoeCook says:

      I was trying to make him look just a touch more comical but you’re right, they just look out of position. I also forgot to erase my wave lines after coloring. buh.

  2. Jande Rowe says:

    Joe, thanks for including more info about the god’s. it makes the changes you’ve made make even more sense. (if sense is an appropriate word to use. lol)

  3. JoeCook says:

    I think forcing myself to come up with those details helps me get a grip on the Gods gimmick in advance. Which makes the whole thing go so much smoother and gets me excited to work all these Gods into the comic eventually.

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