#9 – Calendar

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Calendar is a late replacement member of the “Marginal Men”.
She’s a kind of shapeshifter, with the limitation that she can only assume forms of herself at different ages.
While changed into another age, she retains her memories, but is limited by her mental capacities. Thus, she never dared turn into a baby (because she fears she will be unable to return to her original age), and she finds out that she will be suffering from Alzheimer some day, so she doesn’t turn herself too old, either.
Mysteriously, if she turns her age to just over approximately 40 years, a strange scar appears across her chest, leading to the question wether Calendar is not actually more of a timeshifter.

Calendar does not give her real name or age. She aids the team by blending in with the crowd, looking totally unsuspicious, collecting information for the team.


Category: Superhero

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Sam is a prized comicbook artist from Germany. He is co-founder and head teacher of the first free school for comicbook arts (est. 2003), located in Munich, Germany.

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