#10 – Demise

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#10 - Demise - Jay Faulkner

#10 - Demise - Jay Faulkner


He may look old and frial but looks are, as they say, deceptive – just like the man himself.  First of all he isn’t frial in the slightest and, in fact, is nigh on invulnerable and, should one be lucky enough to injure him, he has amazing powers of recuperation and heals from injuies that would topple most in a matter of moments.  Secondly while he may look simply ‘old’ the truth is that he was ancient when New Orleans was a handful of hovels in the mud … because he is no man but, rather, a demon.  The demon, Demise.

Sent to Earth to prepare the way for his Master’s arrival Demise is playing the long game.  Fronting a well-respected, and successful, business he is biding his time while looking for mortals that he can corrupt, or sacrifice, to open the portal that will allow his Master to take corporal form himself.

Demise is an accomplished practitioner of the black arts, and uses these to his every advantage.  He summoned four elemental demons – Hellfire Brimstone, Styx and Stones –  to serve and protect him, who seek out the mortals that he needs.  He also has one further ‘trick’ up his sleeve … his inate ability toknow the deepest, darkest fear of any mortal simply by looking into their eyes … and then projecting this fear into them so that they see nothing else, going first mad, then dying, from the terror that he instills.

If you meet him you will understand why his legned grew in the back streets, from the screams and prayers of the dying as they warned others nt to look ito them eyes … dem eyes … demise.

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