#13 Hibikuu, She Whose Breath Consumes

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13 右女

Hibikuu • She Whose Breath Consumes; The Little Death

In many ways the sister-self-half of Augon, Hibikuu is only humanoid for the upper half of her body until her waist; the rest of her is red fire. Her ember is also, like Augon’s, on her chest, although hers is dead centre, whereas Augon’s is off-center to the left. Her hair smoulders and ends in a fel and nebulous cloud of smoke and flame, which she shapes to her will. Hibikuu rarely speaks, but gestures; her seemingly deformed hands draw her words where a mouth would say it outright.

Hibikuu comes for the lovelorn, those who die jealous, those who die lustful and those who die drugged. She points the way to the Parade, and is patient while her wards do away with their human layer once and for all; by her very nature, those she picks tend to hold on a little more tenaciously to life than usual. She is invoked by succubi, and the first flame she strikes in a living person is when they experience their first (not necessarily physical) orgasm.

Ink on white paper.


for HS.

Originally the Russian Fireball, which is now #12 Augon » . She came out too sombre for what I had planned, but it was a good thing, since now she and Augon are perfect complements. They’re like right and left brains, not quite separate entities, but not entirely similar either.

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  1. I love this. It really looks like an Asian horror art that one might see on a scroll painting.

  2. K says:

    @Micah » Thank you very much! 🙂

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