#12 Emil

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Natural Born Dissenter & lead singer of a superpowered rock group with a mod/Euro Left Wing Activist thing going on.

Emil could always kind of get his way, but things really started to click once he was away at University. He used his “Charisma” to gain a following of impassioned students to march & protest school policies. He was able to work them into a fever pitch. The louder he got, the more entranced & violent his followers became. Even the most docile pacifists among them. It lead to 21 deaths & a lot of injuries. Emil was institutionalized & isolated from the general patients. Now, after two years of what amounted to solitary confinement, he’s free & he’s started a band. He has his own views on the world. And he’s looking to change it. But first, he needs to get out there. He needs his voice to be heard.

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