#20 Jeoucuré, The Seamstress

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20 繰女

Jeoucuré • The Seamstress

More than anything she is known for, Jeoucuré is perfect at stitching together things. It can’t be helped that, while shedding, certain souls tend to ‘tear’ integral parts of their Selves, so that while their mortal layers are off, important self-awareness memories and sensations are distorted. Given the Parade’s strict ‘dress code’, some participants need to see Jeoucuré for stitching.

She has sewn together identities, broken names, old memories and space-time anomalies, and has made pincushions out of excess sentiments. The red eye that-sees-all can thread any needle, and has several times taken roll call for all the angels that dance on its end. Her ‘hair’ is what she uses to stitch all things together, though she needs to pick the proper locks for certain jobs, as they can get quite finicky.


for JoClaire.

Her character in our Halloween party was what inspired The Seamstress, much like how Schu’s inspired #18 Busae » Originally a part of the Broken Dollhouse girls. I promised my friends I’d draw them some time, so I did. Her kanji title is actually, “The Sad girl”.

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