#29 The Damnable Drunkard

| November 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

Daryl Plotzman used to be a devoted family man, a reliable delivery truck driver for a dairy, and an all around classy guy…That is, until he (rather stupidly) drank a can of beer he found in the wreckage of a UFO that crashed in the cornfield behind his house. Now, when he consumes enough alcohol, he becomes The Damnable Drunk – a nigh invulnerable, super-strong tank of a super-hero.

Unfortunately, he’s been called upon to save the world so many times that he’s become a raging alcoholic. He’s alienated his family, friends, co-workers and other super-heroes…and yet — every time he tries to dry out, another alien civilazation invades or super-volcano explodes, forcing him to make yet another trip to the liquor store for the sake of humanity.

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  1. Jess Kirby says:

    This has got to be my favorite so far! I love his story. It had never even occurred to me that there would be beer on an alien spacecraft! Poor guy, hope his liver holds out so the aliens won’t take over!

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