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I admit writing 30 character descriptions is way easier than having to draw all of them. However, since what I can draw doesn’t even come close to what I have pictured in my head for these characters, I came up with the descriptions instead. So as not to clog the site with too many prose posts, I decided to combine them all into one complete post.

Enjoy (or not).


#1-11: Tales of the Kitten Avenger

#1 Name: Scott Anders (aka The Kitten Avenger)

Age: 16

Occupation: High school student and accidental superhero

Powers: Supersuit giving the wearer enhanced strength, speed, and other abilities not yet discovered

Weaknesses: Supersuit is only activated whenever a kitten is in peril, not a cat, as was discovered through a tragic accident with the neighbor’s cat, Peaches (he will be missed).  Other weaknesses include Algebra, English Rhetoric, and that he doesn’t have a car.

Scott Masters one day accidentally activated a supersuit sent by an alien race that was intended for his little sister, Kimmy.  This would not have been a problem except for the fact that it looks like a pink princess in a tutu, and that it’s been genetically bonded to his body.

It also appears to only be activated whenever a nearby kitten is in peril, which leads to some unfortunate (and hilarious) circumstances for the struggling high school student.

#2 Name: Kimmy Anders (originally intended Kitten Avenger)

Age: 5

Occupation: Scott’s little sister, self appointed CEO of Kitten Rescue, Inc.

Powers: Super annoying, super bratty, super pain in the neck

Weaknesses: Cupcakes

Kimmy Anders wished upon a shooting star one night to be a superhero, avenging all kittens in danger.  Her wish was heard by an alien race who programmed a supersuit for her and sent it as a gift.  Her butthead older brother, Scott, accidentally activated it and it bonded to him instead.

Now Kimmy constantly annoys her older brother (more than usual) to do what the supersuit was intended to do, rescue kittens in danger.  She always carries around a stuffed toy kitten because her mom won’t let her have a real one.  Her mom’s allergic.

#3 Name: Dex (member of the alien Voltorian race)

Age: 241 Voltor Cycles (about  6 Earth years)

Occupation: Lonely Voltorian in search of a friend

Powers: Highly developed intelligence

Weaknesses: Under developed social abilities

Dex is the only child of Voltarian parents from the Xanthir Nebula.  His highly developed intelligence let him advance through school at an acellerated rate.  He completed the Earth equivalent of grade school in 8 days.  As a result, he never really made any friends.

One day he tried to become friends with an Earth girl, Kimmy Anders, by creating a supersuit for her that would let her protect the fuzzy Earth pets known as kittens since she liked them so much.  He programmed it for Kimmy’s genetic code, but her idiot sibling unit bonded to the suit instead.  The idiot’s genetic code was similar enough to bond, but has caused some unforeseen side effects in the suit’s abilities.

#4 Name: Cuddles (Kimmy’s hypoallergenic kitten and shapeshifting ectomorphic despot, aka Lord Overlord)

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Enslaver of all not so intelligent life in the galaxy.

Powers: Ability to enslave all not so intelligent life through nothing much more than his shapeshifting ability and carefully selected insults.

Weaknesses: Unable to enslave intelligent life, i.e. the Voltorians.  Humans are a mixed bag.

Lord Overlord has enslaved not so intelligent life throughout the galaxy but has not had any persuasion against the super intelligent Voltorian race.  With the technology of the Voltorian supersuit, he would be able to enslave the Voltorians as well and then be able to rule the galaxy.

To infiltrate the Anders household and steal the supersuit for himself, Lord Overlord has taken on the form of an Earth kitten to be adopted by the family.  However, due to the Earth mother being allergic to all cats, Lord Overlord had to undergo an abrupt transformation procedure to render him hypoallergenic.  An unforeseen side effect of this procedure has been his inability to shift forms from his Earth kitten disguise.  He is aided in his quest by his not so intelligent minions.

#5 Name: Brett Betancourt (High School jock and Scott’s nemesis)

Age: 17

Occupation: High School All-Star Quarterback and Mathlete

Powers: Physical prowess, Charisma, Higher than average jock intelligence

Weaknesses: Not much

Brett Betancourt is the popular jock in school only he’s actually smart.  He’s good at everything he does, including math.  He also has it out for Scott and generally makes his life a living hell just because.  Not to mention he’s garnered the attention of the girl Scott has had a crush on since the 7th grade.  Basically, he’s Scott’s worst nightmare.

#6 Name: Alyssa Laney (Most Popular Girl in School)

Age: 16

Occupation: Cheerleader

Powers: Uncanny mind control over all boys after puberty and heads all social circles

Weaknesses: Superficial relationships

Alyssa figured out very early that being popular required you to hang out with a certain crowd.  Since Junior High, she has worked her way to the top of the popularity food chain.  Scott has had a crush on her since the beginning of 7th grade when they sat next to each other on the bus.

She continues to pursue the popular high school jock, Brett Betancourt, to cement per popularity once and for all.

#7 Name: Tessy Tinkleton

Age: 15

Occupation: High School student

Powers: Keen intellect

Weaknesses: Inability to say what she’s really feeling, ignored by all boys

Tessy and Scott have been neighbors and friends for years.  Her smarts and complexion kept her from going down the path of popularity.  She’s instead developed an awkwardness towards all boys except Scott who seems more like a brother.

#8 Name: Bill Anders (Scott and Kimmy’s father)

Age: 45

Occupation: Ice Cream Salesman

Powers: Believes all problems in life can be solved with amusing anecdotes about ice cream.

Weaknesses: Believes all problems in life can be solved with amusing anecdotes about ice cream.

Bill Anders learned the ice cream sales trade from his father and hopes to one day pass down that knowledge to his son, Scott.  Bill has a good heart but really can’t relate to his children.  His ice cream salesman job kept him on the road a lot while they were growing up.  He is making an effort, but all of his advice and parenting comes in the form of ice cream anecdotes.

#9 Name: Suzy Anders (Scott and Kimmy’s mother)

Age: 44

Occupation: Housewife and former baker

Powers: Makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, uncanny sense of smell

Weaknesses: Bad allergies from her super sense of smell, especially cats

Suzy Anders was swept off her feet by her husband Bill 20 years ago.  She was tickled by all his anecdotes about ice cream and fell in love.  She was an accomplished baker, but gave up the business when Scott was born.  She started back up when Scott began school, but abruptly gave it up again when Kimmy showed up.

She has a super sense of smell that has been a gift and a curse.  It’s been a boon for her baking, but a curse because of her allergy issues.  Cats are the worst.  As a result, she won’t allow her daughter to get one.

#10-11 Name: Dex’s Parents (Mokdex and Windex)

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Scientists of the Voltorian Nebulary

Powers: Superior intellect

Weaknesses: Inferior parenting skills

Mok and Win were paired together by the Voltorian Nebulary Council in the traditional manner, one that would create offspring with an increased intelligence.  Their offspring, Dex, was produced with a hyper intelligence that exceeded their highest hopes.  They have great aspirations of him joining their important work for the Voltorian Nebulary.

#12 The Ticket Taker

The Ticket Taker works at the local movie theater in a small town.  He’s worked there several years, long enough for several generations of kids to be wary of him.  He’s a large oval shaped man, more muscle than fat, with a stern expression and a hat covering his eyes.  His frame would fill a doorway.  He’s an immovable object for all boys who would try to sneak into the theater.

#13-19 Texas 3000AD – An idea I can’t get out of my head.  What would Texas be like in 1000 years?  Texas has a rich history full of mythic heroes.  What would happen to those myths over the course of 1000 years?  Would they be used for good or evil?  Could those myths be recreated?  An epic story to be told, full of wonder, pain, life, and sorrow.

#13 The Storyteller

The Storyteller is the wanderer who tells the stories of his companions travels.  He begins as an unbeliever, one who cannot see the benefit or point of mythic heroes.  But through his companions sacrifices and deaths, he becomes a believer and continues their memory after they’re gone.

#14 The Mute

The Mute is a young girl who originally came from the enclosed Houston City.  She followed her father out of the city on one of his research trips, but became lost in the wilderness.  She was captured by the Rangers and taken to their rape camps.  There she lost her voice for all time.  She is unable to tell anyone of her past.

#15 The Man with Bottled Rage

He grew up with a violent father, who killed his mother and others.  Despite his efforts, he’s developed his father’s violent tendencies.  He tries to suppress them, but they keep coming back.  After he takes a life in rage, he hangs himself from a tree.

#16 The Woman with no Compassion

She grew up believing all those who couldn’t take care of themselves to be weak.  She learns compassion after the acceptance of the suicide of her boyfriend (the man with rage).  She dies by contracting a terminal illness from taking care of a group of children with a deadly contagious disease.  Her sacrifice documents the course of the disease, leading to a cure.

#17 The Android with the power of myth

The Android was created by a returning astronaut who had returned from a deep space mission and was in cryogenic sleep.  He found the Earth to be in post apocalyptic ruins and was unable to return to the surface so he stayed in orbit his remaining years.  Using the technology aboard the spacecraft, he was able to create an android and programmed him with mythical stories.  The android returns to earth not knowing who created him or that he’s a machine, only what it means to be a hero.

#18 The Mute’s Father

The Mute’s father is a scientist and researcher from Houston City.  He used to go on research expeditions outside of the city to research an incurable contagious disease that has ravaged the population for hundreds of years.  Years ago, his young daughter followed him out of the city and was lost.  Now he goes on illegal excursions to search for her.

#19 The Coward

A young boy who is afraid of everything until the android shows him how he can find bravery.  The android shows him that if he can be brave around spiders, he can be brave around anything.  From then on he carries around a pet spider.  After the spider gets squished, he loses his bravery.  Later on, he sees the Ranger marauders threatening the townsfolk.  He stands up to them and gets three arrows in the chest, but the townsfolk riot and take back the town.

#20-25 Powers and Principalities short story – A five page story I’m writing about a bully who steals everybody’s lunch at school and the new kid who stands up to him.  It sort of became a Road Warrior story set in Elementary school.

#20 Mr. Tony (aka The Toad)

A repeat 5th grader, shorter and plumper in stature.  He’s gotten fat from all the Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes he’s stolen from everybody’s lunch and his temper matches his height.  He’s the runt at home and figured out how power works from his older brothers who go to high school.  And he HATES being called The Toad.

#21&22 Punch and Jabber

Two brothers, also 5th graders, about a foot taller than everybody else with more muscle than neck and hair that hangs in front of their eyes.  They hit their growth spurt early and have been considered giants ever since.  They gained the muscle for their new height by beating up on whoever The Toad tells them to.  The Toad knows a secret about their parents and has blackmailed the brothers into working for him.

#23 Max

He’s a 5th grade transfer student, quiet, just wants to keep to himself and be left alone.  He holds his backpack over his shoulder with the single strap and looks towards the ground all the time.  Secretly, he knows the truth of how power works because he was a bully at his previous school until a kid was seriously hurt.  It’s why he was transferred.

#24 Preston

He’s a 4th grader who tries to warn the new kid how things work around here.  He’s timid and skinnier than the new kid, just like all the other kids.  The Toad takes all their junk food so all they’re left with to eat is the healthy leftovers.

#25 Ferris

He’s a 2nd grader who sticks to Preston like glue.  He doesn’t talk much.  Wears a ballcap with a long bill.  He’s revealed to be the narrator of this story.

#26-30 Elementary School Misfit Superheroes – I had this idea for elementary school kid superheroes with misfit superpowers.  The kind of kids you wouldn’t call in case you were in trouble.

#26 Burp Boy

Burp Boy, through the power of chocolate milk and bread rolls, can create belches loud enough to break through windows and doors.

#27 Ordinary Kid

The Ordinary Kid is so extraordinarily ordinary, that he is the ultimate infiltration spy as he goes by unnoticed.

#28 Glue Girl

Glue Girl is able to secrete large quantities of glue from her appendages from the extraordinary amount of glue she’s injested.

#29 The Whizzer

The Whizzer possesses the power of invisibility anytime he becomes extremely embarrassed, usually from peeing his pants.

#30 Cry Baby

Cry Baby is the most powerful of them all.  With her shrill cry, she’s able to hypnotically influence all adults and render most other kids unconscious.


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