#16 – #18 – The Repellant Triplets

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The Repellant Triplets
Flora, Fauna and Dusty are siblings. Flora and Fauna are identical twins, Dusty is their twin brother. Each of them has an allergy so bad that their immunive system totally overreacts, even outside of their bodies. Dusty and Fauna can repel the cause of their allergies, dust and animals, while Fauna makes all plantlife rot away upon the slightest touch, or even across smaller distances.
Rich and spoiled, these yuppies join the Marginal Men without ever having been invited to, just because they are bored.
Fauna is the least repellant sister, but still not easily dealt with. All three are extremely arrogant, defiant and lacking responsibility. To them, Blindsight’s heroic efforts are entertaining at best.


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