#21 Haraiea, Rain Child

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21 傘ちゃん

Haraiea • Rain Child

Her gigantic parasol expands like a dome outward to shield the Paraders against rain, which, for some reason, always follows Haraeia wherever she goes anyway; chalk it up to being one of the Parade’s oldest kasa-obake » !

Ages ago, Haraeia was once human in a different plane, who would trek several miles a day get to school. When bandits happened to pillage the village where the councilor of education was inspecting their outpost, she hid behind her father’s umbrella, “for what seemed like ages”. The next thing she knew Augon O’Roshy » was peering at her from beyond the parasol, coaxing her out, telling her she had been hiding “for far too long now.”

He agrees to let her keep the umbrella in exchange for a leg and an eye, and sends her off to Jeoucuré » for the mending.


for Haraya

As mentioned, inspired by the traditional kasa-obake, except more humanoid; I decided finally to keep this series of youkai more on the humanoid side, to make it uniform.

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