#22 Vanyaa, Master of Ceremonies

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22 猫又

Vanyaa • Master of Ceremonies

Vanyaa is a department all his own, which suits him very well since he prefers doing things his own way. A quick eye for treasure, he is careful to note which Paraders have not contributed something for the annual ceremonies; what they do not surrender in the dress rehearsal check, Vanyaa filches during the ceremony itself. He is one of the few who know the whereabouts of Daitenggu » and how to contact him.

The bag around his neck is a ticket collection bag. While Vanyaa may have an eye for the shiny, he is also fair. When a Parader approaches apologetically seeking to ‘exchange’ a “treasure”—a mortal love they are unable to let go of completely, a vow of revenge too heavy to drag around—he appropriates the proper change to it, similar to a clerk breaking bills.


for V先生

Vanyaa is a nekomata », a split-tailed Tomcat spirit. Being as what he is, he is able to sneak in between World Layers without having to wear too many fuda to ease the transition. His name is a pun on the person he is based after, and ‘nyaa’, which is onomatopoeic for a cat’s meow.

He is also inspired by the Railroad Cat and Maccavity from the CATS Musical.

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