#23 Gwen Lu

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So I kept having this idea for a comic that was inspired by real life events. You see, I donated blood to the local blood bank. So my number was on their mailing list. But then, every couple of months, I’d get this call telling me there was going to be a blood drive at such & such place. Problem was, no one would ever introduce them self or say where they were from. So I’d have these strangers calling up & wanting my blood. The premise for this comic morphed into something where there was this extremely unsuccessful blood drive & the nurses go crazy, deciding to go out & take blood rather than wait for those to give. Because who in a mall on a Wednesday afternoon really needs their blood that badly? But it was never much more than a premise. So now I’m trying to flesh out the characters for real, so I can do this story at some point.

So this is the first of three in a series of nurses out for blood. This is Gwen. Of the three, she is the reluctant one. So instead of carting around weapons like the other two, she follows them around with a shop vac. A shop vac for all the blood. Was trying to make her look a little short & rounder to have more variety in the shapes I’ve been drawing. Although she starts out going along with the other two, she’s probably the ultimate hero of the story.

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