#26 The Infirm

| November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

Being stricken by illness has never stood in his way. The Infirm is mysterious & not widely known out of the circles of his business, but he is a gentleman assassin. For someone on the verge of it himself, he knows death well.

However, given his own condition, who is he to say who should live or who should die? It seems cruel to him in theory. Having your life snuffed out by a man so close to death himself. So instead of just murdering his target like every other assassin, he challenges them to a duel. A fighting chance.

He is, of course, undefeated though.

Basically, with this thing coming to an end, I wanted to cover all the bases & the only category I’ve been missing out on is Steampunk. This wasn’t the first steampunk character I started, however he’s the first one I ended up finishing. But don’t worry, the other’s coming with #29.

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