Bonus! Biggie B and Hoodie G

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I did these guys as a sample for a client (not being used) & just thought I’d post them here as a farewell and thanks. They will NOT show up in the webcomic. Most likely. If you count these guys, all the animals/pets/rides and different characters/variations of the character, my 30 characters turned into 40… buh.

This challenge has been great. I’ve met some new friends, developed a crap-ton of new storylines for the webcomic, and worked my arse off like never before. I’ll admit, the first half of the challenge was more fun. I put more into the character designs and worked hard to make them in the Shattered Myth style. The second half, I wasn’t real happy with the designs. Time constraints and a lack of knowledge on some of the gods contributed to some pedestrian, very “transformers” designs. Almost every design on here will be tweaked before any of them show up in the webcomic. I’m confident in the bios and gimmicks but not the character designs.

Overall, I feel good about what I’ve done and by creating these characters and their accompanying bios, I’ve been forced to flesh out the entire world of the Mythoscape. Next year should be a fun one for Shattered Myth.

Thanks to Tyler for putting this on. Thanks for the commenters and tweets and retweets. And special thanks to all the commenters on my site who requested their favorite gods and built my 30 characters list for me. You guys rock! It’s been fun people. I’m going to go soak my drawing hand in ice water for a week. See ya next year.

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