#1 – Cyricus

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Cyricus here is the fifth main character for my upcoming webcomic Djinnborn. He is a Musian, a race of militant men, mercantile women, and pronounced sexual dimorphism. The men are shorter, muscular, and built for combat, while the women are tall (the tallest of all the races) and shapely. Women have vibrant purple skin and bright golden hair, while the men have bronze skin and purple hair.

My main cast of five has members of each race (or half-breeds) in each of its numbers. Cyricus represents the Musians as a sign of goodwill. Musia has had a lot of tension with Aremshah (the nation where most of the action takes place) and Ropoldi (Aremshah’s ally), so Cyricus is traveling with the Aremite prince, Osoron (the main character) to foment goodwill between some Musian factions and Aremshah.

Cyricus, like most Musian men, is very martial, very well-trained in a number of weapons and combat styles. He’s also a light cavalryman. However, instead of riding horses, Musians ride great winged beasts into fantastic aerial battles. Since Cyricus travels on a skyship with Osoron, he and his steed (to be drawn as a later character) will get quite a bit of flying practice.

If you want to learn more about the world this game is set in, take a look at my blog or stay tuned as I use the different characters of this challenge to flesh out the world some more.





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