#1: The Girl Whose Fingers Fall Off Sometimes

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

She only ever picked her nose once when she was young.Text reads:
“There once was a girl who had fingers so frail
that if she were blind, she could never read braille
that if she were bad and they took her to jail
the fingerprint guy might end up with her nail.
She had to wear gloves all through the long day
While typing, while skyping, and when she crocheted
and even when sleeping beneath the duvet
her fingers she bound lest they roll far away.
Now some people laugh, and others may scoff
but the truth of the matter is somber enough;
the pianist’s hat’s what she wanted to doff
but if she played hard, her fingers would fall off!”

I saw Tim Burton’s exhibit in LACMA a few weeks ago; I obviously took some inspiration from that, but really I just was thinking about how cold my fingers were this morning and the piano sonatas I have to listen to for my music history class.

My fingers are still cold.

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