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| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

Eli Visser

Eli is a graduate student nearing the end of his masters in Interior Architecture and Design. He’s fond of architecture and design, but has very little trust in his own design abilities. He joined graduate school under the assumption that he had no other option– and is very avoidant when talking about the future. He enjoys the company of friends, and uses them as means of distraction. He has become over-trusting and friendly as a a coping mechanism for his semi-recent onset of prosopagnosia, Which is a condition that makes it impossible to recognize faces. Unable to recognize his friends and family, he relies on memorizing their wardrobe or recognizing their voices. The day when he did not know who the person in his mirror was still haunts him.

Category: 2011, Drama

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  1. Fascinating. Is he part of a larger story?

  2. Spesiria says:

    Ah, I love this! You always create such realistic characters, like they’re just people you could meet on the street. Not extremely strange or remarkable on the outside, but very interesting and complex on the inside. Also your art is great, as usual!

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