#1: Tegus Erdene

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Character number 1, the Tegus Erdene. Just a short explanation: in my fantasy world, the Tegus Erdene is the religious and political leader of the water and air mages. The water/air mages believe that she (yes, it’s a she, haha) is the daughter of their Goddess (the moon). Everytime the Tegus Erdene dies, she’s reincarnated and thus has lived for ages and ages. This particular incarnation of the Tegus Erdene is the first of the Tegus Erdene incarnations, and where I’ll start my character creation/world-building/history of my world.

She was an air mage who lived back in the days when water mages and air mages lived separated and were constantly in conflict with each other. As a young girl, she had visions of a bright light she believed to be the Goddess, calling her her daughter and telling her that she was the one who had to gather both air and water mages, unite them and bring them to the promised land. Any normal person would have wondered what the hell kind of drugs they’d taken and moved on. But the Tegus Erdene was a girl who, due to being sickly and an albino in a cold yet sunny country, had lived a very sheltered life and had developed very idealistic views on the world. That, and simply being a girl with a way too vivid imagination for her own good, led to her believing that she was truly the daughter of the Goddess and that she had to gather a bunch of people and travel to the promised land.

Now, imagine being someone who has had almost no contact with any human beings but her parents and siblings for years, and suddenly be thrown into a world full of people with the mission to unite two completely different types of mages who hated each other’s guts and find some sort of land that was apparently promised but you have no idea where it is. Needless to say, she wasn’t very successful in the beginning. Her life became a simple pattern: enter a town. Tell people about vision. Get chased out of town because people think you’re an absolute nutjob. She may have given up (or gotten killed by people who weren’t too happy with the fact that she called herself the Goddess’s daughter) if it wasn’t for the fact that a certain influential, charismatic water mage heard about this weird, socially awkward nutjob of an air mage going from town to town, calling herself the daughter of the Goddess and telling everyone to follow her to some country somewhere. This water mage became the first of the Tegus Erdene’s supporters, realizing that this situation could be used for her own benefit. More about that tomorrow with the next character!

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Hey there! I'm Spesiria, an 18 years old writer/artist/history student/procrastinator from the Netherlands, who has no idea what other information should be put in a bio. I like creating my own fantasy worlds and stuffing them with a shit-ton of characters, which is (for this challenge) pretty much all you need to know about me, haha!

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  1. Your characters always look something amazing~ The outfit here is really fantastic

  2. Awesome character idea. Looking forward to seeing the others! Shazam!

  3. riiva says:

    the story sounds cool, waiting for the next character to hear more!

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