#1: The Atomic Marine

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Ralph Gordon Blake, or “The Atomic Marine”, as he likes to call himself, is an 18 year old goofball who claims that he is some sort of “space marine” whose mission is to hunt and take down “an invading horde”, despite the fact that there is no invading horde, and that he is in present day Earth.  However, he is too stubborn to realize this and continues his pointless crusade against the imaginary horde, which happens to be completely normal criminals in reality.


At a young age, after watching a movie with space marines fighting aliens in it, Ralph vowed that one day, he would become the best space marine he could ever be when he grows up.  While it didn’t turn him into a bully, he did, however, begin donning a fake armor plate, magenta pants, and military boots when he turned 16.  Two years after that, he decided that he would now start going after what he believes is an invading horde, without realizing that he is nothing more than a really goofy vigilante.


Generally, Ralph is a nice guy, but he is just a goofball.  He doesn’t like being reminded about the fact that he isn’t really a space marine, and that the invading horde is nothing more than a figment of his imagination.


Not to mention he’s armed with a fake pistol that doesn’t even fire any kind of ammunition…

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