# 1: ‘The Squirty Creamer’

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one of the villains faced by ‘SuperDan’, ‘The Squirty Creamer ‘ was once a hero known as ‘The Milkman’ but after all the other local heroes were “really-really-mean-stupid-faces” and refused to take him seriously then he became a villain in the hopes people would be too scared of him to keep saying ‘if you’re using dairy products why are you dressed as a pig’, unfortunately the taunting only got worse, the police laughed so hard they couldn’t arrest him when he tried robbing a dry cleaners using the threat ‘If you’re lactose intolerant, I could make things REALLY uncomfortable for you any second now’ none of his self proclaimed ‘nemeses’ took him seriously until he met ‘SuperDan’ a hero who joined the fight against evil too late to have any real villains to fight



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