2011 Challenger: Kate Santee

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Greetings, all! I’m Kate Santee, and I’ve been drawing ever since I could get my grubby little fingers on pencil. It’s been over a year since I graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design, and since then my work has alternated between caricature art and freelance graphic design.

Character design has always been of great interest to me. At an early age I would draw ridiculous characters inspired by whatever cartoons or video games I was into at the time; as my tastes branched out I became aware of other genres, different art styles, and a greater variety of approaches to conveying characters.

I jumped at the chance to participate in this year’s challenge because I find it to be the perfect opportunity to push myself as an artist. With this challenge, I hope to push as many ideas as I possibly can within the constraints of a single month and put just as many of those ideas on paper. Furthermore, I want to push myself to share my art with other people—partly for the exposure, partly for the criticism. I’m looking forward to exploring different concepts and figuring out how to convey them effectively.

I have a portfolio of my graphic design and caricature work here, and you can find some of my personal art and sketches on my blog.

Good luck to everyone involved! I’m excited to work on this challenge and see all the characters that come out of it.


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