#2 Adelaide

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#2, Adelaide

Adelaide is what might be seen as the darker, more serious counterpart to Jack.
Adelaide is a witch in training in search of a more powerful witch/wizard to continue her training. While she is confident and quick witted, her magic skills are less than ideal for a young girl going on an adventure. Her previous teacher was a healer and thus could only teach basic offensive spells.
Adelaide’s main weapon is her scarf, an almost alive piece of knitted finery that packs a mighty wallop. While trying to turn it into a snake, Adelaide managed to give it an “almost life”. The scarf, regardless of how it is worn, will jump into action at the first sight of danger. Capable of whipping enemies, grabbing onto things or powering up a usually weak punch, the scarf is easily the strongest part of Jack and Adelaide’s team.
While Jack is carefree and fun, Adelaide is more serious and goal oriented; she prefers to work towards targets than aimlessly wander.


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We (Josh and Maha) are a pair of design students from New Zealand who love making things up. We decided to try the 30 characters challenge as a team because we often create characters and stories together and this seemed like a good reason to put them on the internet! I (Josh) am the writer of the team and will be creating the character profiles and controlling our uploads while Maha will be drawing all our characters up!

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