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[The following interview took place the New York City Regulators Office, the interview was conducted between Internal Affairs Officer Jackson and Regulator 97 three days after the events of  at the Continental Hotel.]

Officer Jackson: This is Officer Jackson of  New York Internal Affairs. The date is [expunged] at 2:36 pm. I am sitting with Regulator 97, could you please state your badge code for the record?

Regulator 97: You Know I have an actual name right?

OJ: Not important to these proceedings, badge number please.

R97: alright, Regulator badge number 97-2034-55. Classification KIRBY.

OJ: Thank you, please state for the record the dutys of the regulators.

R97: the regulators act as equal parts law enforcement and parole officers that deal with Alpha level threats and above.

OJ: and an Alpha level threat or above is?

R97: Do i really need to spell this all out? Its not like people dont already know this.

OJ: Its for the record

R97: Fine , and Threat Levels go from Alpha, Bravo, Echo, Delta, and Omega. Each one corresponds with a power levels of super powered individuals. A regulators job is to evaluate, apprehend, and in some cases assimilate them back into the world.

OJ: And would a regulator be able to apprehend people like this without incident?

R97: Well I wouldn’t say its ever without incident, regulators have the highest mortality rate of any law enforcement agency.

OJ: But your confrontations are not one sided are they?

R97: No, every regulator was either born with powers or given them once they enlist.

OJ: And which were you?

R97: I was born with it.

OJ: And what is your ability.

R97: Basically I’m a living battery of Cosmic energy. Which is why I’m a Kirby Classification.

OJ: Right the classifications were taken from old comic books correct?

R97: Yes that’s right

OJ: Well isn’t that….delightful. You need assistance to access your abilitys correct?

R97: Yes, I use a pair of gauntlets to access the energy that I store to dispense it externally.

OJ: And who gave you these gauntlets?

R97: They were provided to me by the Regulators office.

OJ Alright, next why don’t you tell me about the incident at the Continental Hotel.

R97: Where should I start?

OJ: Right before the incident should suffice.

R97: Alright My partner and I –

OJ: Regulator 176?

R97: Right.

OJ: And where is he now?

R97:….He died during this incident

OJ: Thank You, please continue.

R97: We were responding to an emergency call from the Continental, apparently management had been having disturbances from one of the guests, guy barely left his room and when he did he came back with people but they never left. And there was reportedly a stench. So Marcus and I –

OJ: Who?

R97: sorry, 176 and I went in to try to find out what the situation was.

OJ: How did this fall into your jurisdiction?

R97: There was a recent parolee from Hells Gate that hadnt checked in and was reported to live in the area. We thought it was him.

OJ: Was it?

R97: You know it wasnt.

OJ: Correct, just a matter of-

R97: -Record, right. Anyway we go up thinking it was him, we get to the door and 176 knocks and clearly says we’re from the Regulator office. No answer. Now I have my gauntlets but 176 just had your basic augmentation package, strength and the like. So he goes for the doorknob and finds it unlocked so we start going in. that’s when a hand comes through the crack in the doorway and grabs 176’s head. It couldn’t have been more than five seconds but that’s all it took to turn my partner into dust. as this was going on I was setting my gauntlets on their “basher” mode and hit the door, splintering it and connecting with whatever was on the other side. I come through and thats when I saw who the perp was.

OJ: And who was it?

R97: Franklin Deeder. Guys practically on the top of every law enforcement wanted list out there, everything from homicide to terrorism. Sort of a jack of all scumbags.

OJ: and you….had a prior confrontation with Deeder?

R97: Yes.

OJ: How?

R97: He killed my wife.

OJ: Says here he was suspected of killing your wife?

R97: No he did it….I watched him do it….he made me watch.

OJ: And he was never caught?

R97: No, one guy got close, some private eye named Vulcan who was after him for some unrelated incident. The worst bit was that he was locked up for some petty crime and the Regulators wanted to keep him locked up because they believed he was responsible for worse crimes. They were right of course

OJ: And that was the incident that made you join the regulators?

R97: Yes

OJ: what happened when you realized it was him.

R97: I……I kind of just saw red and just went at him at full force, which given my power set was dangerous

OJ: You didn’t try to simply subdue him? Or call in back up?

R97: What? No that didn’t occur to me! I was facing down the guy who killed my wife…I….I want thinking at all.

OJ: And that’s when you killed him.

R97: Yes….I honestly didn’t intend to, nothing would have made me happier to see him go to trial, he had killed 176 right in front of me. Thats multiple life sentences at least.

OJ: But you still killed him?

R97: My ability’s are very much tied to emotion. Even if my gauntlets are on their lowest setting if I get angry enough I can emit enough energy to destroy whatevers in front of me ten times over.

OJ: and is it fair to assume in this instance you were angrier than you had ever been?

R97: Yes….heh, Regulator Smash and all that.

OJ: This isnt a laughing matter Regulator!

R97: I know its not but you have to admit this is a fucking sham!

OJ: What do you mean?

R97: Deeder was a monster, my partner was the last one he killed but before that he had killed hundred of men, even more women…..and more kids than I would like to count.

OJ: And your wife.

R97: And my wife……so I don’t understand why I’m basically being crucified for killing a man anyone else would be happy to do!

OJ:….Despite what you might think regulator this isnt about the death of Reeder, honestly we could care less.

R97: Then whats this about?

OJ: When you killed Reeder, You emitted so much energy various destruction was reported from at least twenty miles around. Most of that damage is simply cosmetic and easily repaired but the five surrounding blocks around the Continental are in shambles, no one was seriously hurt except Reeder but whole buildings are now uninhabitable. What this is supposed to discern is whether or not this could ever happen and on a larger scale. Do you think this is a possibility?

R97:….No, I dont.

OJ: Really? Why is that?

R97: This only happened because I faced with the one person that could push me right over the edge. The only man that could make me feel that much anger and hatred. With Deeders death I got rid of the last emotional connection to my life before I became a Regulator. I sincerely doubt anything could put me over the top like that ever again.

[The Interview was concluded soon after this. Regulator 97 was put back on to active duty two weeks later]

[Authors Note: The Regulators were actually minor characters in a series of short storys I did in college about a super powered private eye named Frank Vulcan, in those story’s they were less characters as they were an ever present forces of nature. So I really wanted to focus one specific member of this organization, just to figure out what a regulators motivations might be. Think I nailed it.]


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