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Sam S. Stride the M, an adventurer and leader of the generations-old business (recently transformed into a non-profit organization), Strides Ahead, in the far-flung future. Following in the footsteps of the 1,000 generations of Strides before him. They are the oldest and wisest family of Monument Mount., a city built into the side of the Rocky Mountains, started by the 481st Stride Generation in an attempt to bring the United States back to the economic pinnacle it enjoyed many centuries ago.

Sam S. Stride the M is the 1,000th son in the 1,000th generation of the Stride family. While some daughters have been born, for some reason in the 1,000 stride families that have existed to date have all been male first, and after which, that generation bears no more sons. Each male has always desired to take over for there fathers, though there have been some co-CEO’s in it’s time, with some daughters taking to the business as quickly or even quicker then the son of that generation.

Though the one thing that has yet to break in any son of any generation is there desire for good-old adventure, whether it be some mystical realm experiment with Brother Buddha or a stroll thru time with past Strides and other heroes past.

Sam S. Stride has just recently taken over Strides Ahead, and was the one to turn it into a non-profit organization (something that had been planned since the beginning.) His wife is pregnant with their first child, and for once all is at peace, with his only adventure that of his new organization. Sam the M was always hesitant of this part of his legacy, but willing to accept it, as all those before him. But once his company and his city have been threatened by a series of unnatural earthquakes, Sam the M must practice his fisticuffs again!


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