2011 Challenger: Sam Gibson

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Hi! This is my first year of 30Characters and i’m already behind. It’s going great. (It’s not actually that bad, i’ve drawn but not uploaded.)

I’m a sixth-form student from the North-East of England. I’m currently doing my A-levels, and a whole lot more, so fitting this in is definitely going to be a challenge! I do want to do it though, however much it may seem i don’t, as i am looking forward to the challenge of being super-creative and sticking to a routine (i.e. having something/someone making me do stuff).

I’m kinda old fashioned and still draw by hand; and then scan into the computer, but at the moment my scanner is acting up and so i’m taking photographs and uploading those.

My favourite style of drawing is a kind of anime style that i’ve adapted and adopted as my own. I’ve also drawn some superheroes that i’m quite proud of. I don’t really like drawing people, i prefer to draw things or landscapes, so i’m looking forward to changing that by forcing myself to draw people through the 30Characters challenge. As a result, a lot of my drawings are quite cartoon-y.

Wish me luck, i’ll probably need it!

Sam 🙂

Also, i’m only just getting to grips with WordPress, so forgive me if i do something stupid! 😛

Oh, and if you really want to see what i look like i have Twitter: http://twitter.com/happysami
There’s some old drawings of mine on there too if you scout around! 🙂

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