2011 Challenger: Nathan “Phoenix” Vargas

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hey there, I’m a first timer in the 30 Character Challenge.

Fresh off the 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge and still roaring to go, I’ve decided to keep the momentum going! My brain just keeps screaming…Draw more! More! MORE!

And I try and do what my brain says I should do…

Boring Stuff About Me

I’m the co-founder of BlitzComics.com, a site that has tools that help comic book creators create. I’m also a game UI designer for Habatar.com…you’ll know what that is soon enough. 🙂 My drawing skills are rusty but practice will crumble all that away.

I’m attracted to the 30Character because I’ve always had random characters milling about inside my brain but never had the structure, format, or audience to bring em out. Now is the time!

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I'm a serial creator. I have my art smudged fingers into lots of different projects! My greatest success has been my original creation, The Juxl Puzzle (wikihow.com/Create-and-Work-a-Juxl-Puzzle). Next I co-founded Blitz Comics (blitzcomics.com) to help people succeed at 24 Hour Comic Day. Then I began creative work on the Habatar App (habatar.com). Now I'm taking the 30 Characters Challenge! Rock on!

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