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[More text; school is too crazy to make pictures for this stuff. Also, fanfiction character this time.]

Name: Joshua Trey

Age: 10

Hometown: Pallet Town


So remember those other two trainers that left on the same day as Ash, choosing either Bulbasaur or Charmander so that Ash’s only remaining option was a temperamental Pikachu who didn’t listen to him? Probably not, but they did exist, and we know that they beat him to both the Pewter City and Cerulean City Gyms. What happened to them after that, though?

Joshua is the trainer who choose Bulbasaur to be his first Pokemon. It was a bit of a tough choice at first, because in the beginning he had to get past Flying- and Bug-type Pokemon. However, he made it out of the Viridian Forest in one piece (and beat this strange Samurai boy, too, despite being at a disadvantage with his Grass/Poison-type Bulbasaur). By the time he got to Pewter City, he had expanded his team to include a Hasty Pidgey and a Lonely Weedle. He soon challenged and beat Brock, earning the Boulder Badge. He isn’t one for sightseeing and other non-Trainer-related stuff like that, so he quickly moved onto Cerulean City. Because of some weirdness going on in Mt. Moon, he was forced to take the much shorter but infinitely more boring path there. With both type-advantage and an over-levelled Bulbasaur (especially in comparison to his other Pokemon), he quickly beat the Waterflowers of Cerulean City and acquired the Cascade Badge. This only served to boost his already inflated ego.

Moving onto to Vermilion City, he assumed that this gym would be as easy as the others and took the ferry to get there quickly. Boy was he ever wrong. With his ass handed to him and his pride severely wounded, he started to truly train up.

Which is where we leave him in canon, since after this point we don’t really hear anything more about the other two trainers until much later, finding out that they quit training. So what happens to him?

Well, let’s just say there’s a reason he never has a full team despite having owned enough for one…

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