Day 2: Fairjet Dulsnat

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Fairjet Dulsnat, a young and strong guard in a rich river port town. She belongs to a guild of traders, though the particular sect she is in deals with protecting the goods and fending off thieves. She travels with caravans, when she needs to, though mostly she just hangs out at the docks, catching pesky children who want to take a peek at the enchanted or expensive wares.

She is not particularly educated, so she tries her best to befriend the allied guild of mages in town, hiding her want to learn with a want to learn how to do her job more efficiently.

The cape she wears while traveling is dipped in water, then rolled in sand to make the already good camouflage even more perfect. This is only done, however, when going through particularly dangerous deserts with a caravan. When on the sea, she switches to a dark brown cloak, as to match the stained wood of the ship, in case she needs to hide herself if injured in an attack.

Though her speech is rough and common, she is polite to the best of her ability, though she falls prey to the belief that everyone needs to deal with their own problems. She will, however, help for a very good reason, and will never go back on a promise.

…and that’s all for Fairjet! See y’all tomorrow!

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