#3 – Older Brother

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The hero of this tale lives in a futuristic world where an alien disease is slowly spreading among the population, and is trying to find the beast that causes it with help from the government so that a cure can be worked on. Those who breathe the air the alien exhales and are not naturally immune start to mutate into humanoid versions of the lifeform. A secret organization is holding the creature hostage for unknown reasons.

This character is the protagonist’s older brother. He encountered the beast before it was captured, and is the furthest along in his mutation out of all who are sick. Having had his freedom taken from him unwillingly, he’s angry at the world and himself because he feels like a caged animal. He is not allowed to hold a job anymore or do much of anything, and must be constantly supervised despite being in his mid-twenties. This is because the disease causes him to black out whenever it aggressively covers more ground of his body, which could be anywhere from a few seconds to an hour long.

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