#4 General Ivan Andreyovich Antonov

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General Ivan Andreyovich Antonov

Ivan has been general of the Old Empire for nearly fourty years now, and is
the longest sitting ruler it has ever had, according to most historians.
Ivan makes extensive use of trusted advisers to handle things for him to make
sure that his will is law in every situation. Spies have infiltrated the courts of ever notable officer, sons have been bought with promises
of promotion and favour. Nothing happens in the Empire without General Ivan knowing about it and having amde a decision about it.
He is garrulous by nature, preferring to play the friendly and beneficent ruler while his agents threaten and extort those who oppose him.
Ivan is old now, though he still rules the empire with an iron fist through his advisors. He is considered mild in his stance towards
the Westerling realms and the Merchant Protectorate, and under his rule the first peace treaty with those realms was established, opening
a tenuous supply route through the Protectorate-controlled Eastwall.
Ivan is the last of his house, and his wife died in miscarriage. He is very proud of his dead family’s status and history,
and as very fond of pomp and military parades.

Mulgrad, 143rd year since the retreat, 4th month, 13th day of the 1st week

From: Ivan Andreyovich Antonov, General and steward of all the empire
To: Dusan vastov, First Lieutenant in the General’s army, liege lord of Vastovtsi Castle and the lands belonging thereto.

My old friend,

I wish I were writing you for pleasant reasons, or even a simple matter of state. Instead, I find myself turning to you
in an hour of great need. I am politically besieged, my enemies are at my gates and assassins and spies stalk my halls.
Our old friend’s son is not the man we hoped he was, and I fear he plots against me. My body grows weak and my mind restless,
soon I may pass away to join my ancestors by the Dragon’s side, but right now the Empire needs me, needs us both.
Make your way to the capital with all haste and bring your heir, young as he is he needs to know what I have to say.
I cannot say more in this letter lest it be intercepted.

Till we meet,


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