Day 3 and 4: The Watcher and The Listener

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The Watcher and The Listener

Two of three leaders of the small country of Emryet, home to the river port town Fairjet (Day 2) lives in. The third leader of this country is The Speaker. I felt these two should be posted together, as they are sisters. The Speaker is their mother, and will be posted tomorrow.

The first sister, The Watcher, gathers information critical to the survival of the country, and relates them to her mother. The Watcher wears a blindfold, symbolizing how she uses the eyes of others to watch. She is trained in war strategy, and advises her mother during conflicts. She represents power and intelligence.

The second sister, The Listener, is the voice of the people. Her “ears”, 2 citizens of varying social status from each town, gather information about the welfare of the people of Emryet. She then tells her mother of the challenges the people face, or the success that has been had. The Listener always covers her ears, symbolizing how she uses the ears of others to listen. She is trained in business strategy, and advises her mother during economical hardships. She represents compassion and wealth.

…and that’s all for The Watcher and The Listener! See y’all tomorrow, with The Speaker!

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  1. Neat! It’s kind of like the three Fates.

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