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I had an idea a while back for a comic about a band of urban explorers who got together to collect fantastical treasures and go on amazing adventures.

The world of the urban explorers is a secret world going on underneath us right now. It is a world of secret tunnels, magical traps, and incredible adventure.

Sebastian is the newest member of the guild, the former puzzler having mysteriously disappeared. He works at the All Mart a store. A place that has


including the ability to crush Sebastian’s soul. Sebastian has an uncanny mind for puzzles which is needful for urban exploring. Often times treasures are guarded with traps and it’s his job to figure out how to get past them.

He’s an odd guy, he could be heroic but his unwillingness to take on the mantel of “hero” has effected his job, love life, and even posture. Sebastian doesn’t believe in his ability to be a leader. Which is great because the guild already has a leader who isn’t about to give up his power to anyone.


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  1. SheliHay says:

    I really like Sebastian! Not just the art, but his story sounds so interesting. I want to see him solve puzzles and stuff! And learn how to stand straight.

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