#6: Avery Mutuus

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Name: Avery Mutuus
Aliases: N/A
Height: 6’2

Weight: 161 lb

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Bio: Avery was born in 1992 to an upper middle class family residing in Florence. She is the older of two twins, the other being Paul Mutuus.

Avery graduated high school and was accepted to the University of Florence on athletic scholarships. The tall and muscular

Avery had been a star forward for her school’s soccer team, leading them to several regional championships.
In 2010, Avery and her brother’s parents were killed during a home invasion. With no way to pay their tuitions, both dropped out of college and sought employment.

They were approached later in the year with an offer to join Operation: At the Gates. The stated goal of the tests was to see the effects on twins and other closely tied individuals. Avery had served as the caretaker for her sickly brother for their entire lives, and the two were noted to be inseparable.

Powers: Avery possesses impressive strength and agility. Her bench press is estimated to be 1700 lb.  She can also run at speeds of 30 mph for a brief period of time. However, these superhuman traits are only in effect when she is close to her brother, Paul. The further the two are from one another, the weaker Avery’s powers are. As such, she usually carries Paul on her back in combat situations.

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