#6: Kenneth

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SEAMUS:  Okay, you sure you’re not gonna talk about that shite David, said – right?

SEAMUS:  ‘Cause if not, I’m out again.

SEAMUS:  So, Kenneth.  Ken’s a nice guy and all – for one of them Yanqui’s – but…


SEAMUS:  He’s sarcastic, and brooks no shite from anybody.  If he thinks someone’s full of it, he calls them on it, and he calls them loud and in front of everybody.

SEAMUS:  On the outside, he looks like a nice guy – a mate, y’know?  All clean-cut and everything.  But man, is he black on the inside.  It’s like coal.

PSYCHIATRIST:  Is that the sarcasm, or something else?

SEAMUS:  Oh, that’s the ‘something else’ all right.  That’s just – he called it something once, what the hell was it?

SEAMUS:  ‘Disappointment in the whole human race,’ I think.

SEAMUS:  The sarcasm thing can be downright brutal, when it’s focused on you.  When it’s not, it’s really fucking funny.

PSYCHIATRIST:  So, it sounds like it doesn’t have much of a good side, then?

SEAMUS:  Good side?!  (laughs)  Oh, that’s brilliant, there.


SEAMUS:  Mate, what I just told you about him is his good side!

SEAMUS:  Thank god he doesn’t drink anymore:  drinking brings out his dark side.  Everything I just told you about the sarcasm and the blackness and all; that’s nothing compared to when he’s got his drink on.  I’ve seen what he’s like then.

SEAMUS:  I hope I don’t see it again…

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