#5 Sciven Quick-foot

| November 7, 2011 | 4 Comments

A revolutionary oof the world of Trizzt, Sciven is not a supporter of the Earthlings and their colonization program. She sees the Earthers for what they are: Resource theives; Locusts at best, hoping from world to world and gobbling up what they can, leaving the planets they colonize diseased and barren. Sciven understands the need for allies, though. The rumors circulating from other worlds of the burning ones, has reachedher ears as well…of the conquerors. They ARE coming.

Trizzt will not cower. Trizzt will not bow. Trizzt will fight back. Sciven knows this.

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Category: 2011, Fantasy, Scifi

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Co-creator of RELAUNCH, AZURE for DC Comics, Artist on GRIMM for Dynamite, Marvel storyboarder, illustrator of books and covers, concept artist, creative director... Boxer owner.

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  1. Michael Perridge says:

    This one – and the previous one too – both are particularly spectacular!

  2. Steve Parks says:

    You have a very skilled inking technique.

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