#7: Debbil

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Look, you know who I am, you know all the names I go by – The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, et cetera, et cetera, and so on and so forth.  Do I really need to credential myself any more than I that?

Anyway, I’m here to talk with you – all of you – for a little bit about evil, and a big misconception you talking, hairless monkeys have about it and me.

You see, not once did I ever actually introduce the concept of evil to you:  oh, no, you did that all to you yourself.  So you can stop pinning that one on me, right now.

No, if I’m to be guilty about anything – and let’s face it, I was thrown out of Heaven because of pride, so this is right in line with who I am – then I’m guilty of introducing you to something else. 

Freedom of choice.

Remember way, waaay back when, in the Garden of Eden?  I gave Eve the freedom to choose:  choose whether or not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  She made her choice and then gave Adam the same freedom to choose.

It’s been like this ever since then.  And, frankly, it’s been a lot of fun watching what you as a species can do with that freedom to choose.

So this whole concept of Evil?  Really, that was you – it was your choice not to do good.  I never said kill each other off or fuck things that in no way should ever be fucked.  You took the freedom that I so wonderfully gave you, and used in it ways I didn’t even comprehend.

And it was beautiful.

That was you.

So, now that you know the truth, there’s only one thing left to for you to do.



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