#7 Thanatos

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Again just a quick drawing with quick added colors at the computer so that you can get at least an idea of my character’s appeareance

It’s another inhabitant of the netherworld, Thanatos, the oldest of the children of Nyx. He represents the death, the peacefull death, to be exact. With his twinbrother Hypnos, the god of sleep he collect the souls of those who did not die in a battle, because those belong to his sister Ker. Thanatos is described as a stone-hearted, duteos god with black wings and a “killing glance”, wearing black, a belt and a sword, which he uses to cut off a curl from the dieing ones. He seems to be always in a bad mood, being angry about the humans and the gods.  But on the other hand his touch is very gentle and he takes the souls of dead as butterflys to the netherworld.

Since  Thanatos is described as the “black one” (Hypnos as the “white one”) I’ve given him a mostly black rope and wings of a bat. He is also a bit of a crossover of my characters of the last year Hemera and Ker, both younger sisters of Thanatos. I thougt a sword would be hardly handy, so I gave him bladefingers, similar to the claws of Ker. His green belt represents the hope to be deliverd from pain after a long suffering, and like his sister Hemera he is wearing a flower as brooch,  a poppy to be exact, because sometimes Thanatos and Hypnos carry poppies to send people asleep. I added some white to his rope to refer to his twinbrother, being dressed in white. The face of my Thanatos is hidden in the shadows, because it depends on the dieing person how exactly he looks.

Sketch did look better, I’ll try to color Thanatos properly soon.


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