Day 4 – Female Mage

| November 7, 2011 | 3 Comments

All right, having a November birthday, on a weekend, set me back a little bit, but I’m confident I can finish this.

This character has no name or background–she’s one of 8 characters that my friend Evan has commissioned me to design for his website, RPG Write! It is still in its beginning stages, and a lot of features have yet to be added, including classes, which is what I’m currently doing art for. Anyhow, he asked me for a male and female mage–this was my interpretation.

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  1. Listerart says:

    Great costume design! Good balance of feminine flair and solid toughness.

  2. Gregory says:

    I appreciate your attention to detail. The dress is great- the train is stylish, but freeing for any need for quick reactions.

  3. saulone says:

    This, like our Casia piece are fantastic designs. The entire outfit is brilliant, colors, cut, etc. keep up the good work!

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