Number 4: The Creater

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Full name: Unknown
Alias: The Creater
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allignment: Mercenary
Race: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Abilities: Can combine his arms together to create different weaponry. Single- handgun/knife, Double- SMG/shield, Triple- shotgun/shortsword/hammer, Quadruple- assault rifle/longsword, Quintuple- LMG/greatsword, Sextuplet- sniper rifle/giant hammer

Appearance: Six arms, long black trench coat, low hooded face, glowing green eyes
Bio: Little is known of the gun-for-hire simply known as The Creater. It is rumored that he is a demon sent from the Underworld to wreck havoc on Earth, but nobody knows for sure. In fact, his name and his skill are all that is known about him. It is said that when a client gathers the resources the pay for his services, The Creater will appear and take the job regardless of the details, demanding half his pay up front. After carrying out his mission, The Creater may or may not collect on the rest, but as far as anyone knows, he does so completely arbitrarily. One thing is for certain, though, The Creater is not a rational being, he lives only to cause mayhem for whoever pays.

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