#8-Jet Disco-20 years later

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Jet always knew he was special. He just thought it was something that he had to create. And growing up with no chance at being special at pleasant, worthwhile things, Jet became the biggest drug dealer in Verde City. He thought it’s be easier anyways, and it often was. Over the years he had found himself in many tough situations, especially after the rise of the Pusherman, that he thought he had just narrowly escaped with luck, but it turns out it was all skill, and it finally hit him full force. And with his new power he did what he could to prove to everyone he was special, spread his tyranny as far as he could, killing and enslaving at his will. After all he’s special, apparently the most special of all, shouldn’t that be what he should be? Ruler? God? Destroyer? He’s currently leaning towards Destroyer, what with being trapped in a the Elite Force’s special containment bubble under miles of Earth. He will make them pay for this, especially him.

Not a big fan of my sketch for today, but it’s my first night to relax in days so I was kind of quick about it. Enjoy the little description at least. And I don’t have a power set in mind for Jet. Just strong and fast at this point, a little Akira tribute maybe, who knows?


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