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I spent a lot more time (a lot more time) today defining the culture, general dressing habits, researching grooming habits, etc for the Avorans who hail from the land overseas. They are based loosely on Northern Europeans, taking bits and pieces from Bronze Age and Medieval periods as I like to suit my preferences. With that in mind, many of the things that I’ve applied to Oletha (above) apply to Birgir that I posted yesterday. Birger and Oletha (among others) are the body guards of the Blessed of Alansea, and serve as both mercenaries for the local barons and also missionaries for the local people, teaching them the ways of the Church of the Fold. Their function is as much diplomatic as it is proselytizing – and the folders find themselves learning far more about the rich local customs, traditions, beliefs and practices than they wind up teaching.

Oletha is shown dressed in local linen fabrics and jewelry both to fit better in with the local culture but also because the heavy woolen cloaks and tunics that are appropriate in her homeland would be unbearable in the unforgiving sun of Yeanir. Her heavy woolen cloak is still kept with her for the equally unforgiving desert nights, and it matches both the color and trim of her cap.

The spear-head is Bronze, and in hindsight I should have spent more time decorating it – both wood and bronze are expensive materials in Yeanir, and such a valuable item would be heavily decorated to reflect it’s value.

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  1. This is one tough-looking woman!

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