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Akoko is one of the younger urchins of the Grotto, a network of caves set into the limestone cliffs of the Riami Divide, underneath the twisting switchbacks of the cliffside city Pes Riami. Akoko is a minor character in the story – she’s not particularly clever or skilled at anything, and with her young age comes a short attention span. She’ll often be given tasks by the older urchins to earn her keep, but otherwise her role is to simply be the most adorable thing to walk the earth.

The brightly colored and intricately patterned linens that Birgir and Oletha sport are beyond the means of most people, and certainly beyond the means of a street child. The delicate linens wouldn’t likely last long in Akoko’s care anyway, so it’s fortunate she is content with the many cheap baubles she finds or is given, or occasionally buys with ‘Marks’ that serve as an internal currency system in the Grotto.


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