#10 Saren lor-Esan

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Magician in training. Orphan.

Vessel of the gods.

Image from Lonely Planet’s Mongolia page

Name: Saren lor-Esan.

Age: 17.

Appearance: Petite (5’3). Solid build from working with herds and other outdoor activities. Black hair, fair skin, dark eyes. Plain, basic clothing except on festival days or for ceremonies.

Personal: Generally quiet, but more outspoken with people she knows well. A dedicated scholar. If she was going to be able to continue her studies, she would have moved along the path of sung spells, being gifted with a beautiful voice.

Overview: Saren’s parents were killed when she was five during a purge of tribe members loyal to a previous leader. She was raised by her mother’s family, particularly her aunt Laral. At age thirteen she began to exhibit signs that she would eventually be called as a god vessel; the strongest of these was a tendency for both premonition and visions of things past. Now at age seventeen, she is preparing herself for an important ritual, and the end of her life as she knows it.

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