#10 A.R.G

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professor potter one day felt

a special urge inside himself

that people might just understand

and make a few less demands

if each and every one of us would roast

from the fear we fear the most

based on that he made a tool

that would play our minds the fool

and with a laugh he gulped a potion

that he might be free of the commotion

just before his breath was gone

he swiftly turned the power on.

the machine it hummed and jerked like mad

but he soon went from glad to mad.

his rage soon it knew no bounds.

because the machine now made no sound.

it sat most still and quietly.

and the dying professor did not see

over madness’s darkened rim.

the first revenge was just for him.



Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, WTF

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