Day 3 – The Ineffables

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The Ineffable are a choir of angels specifically created for the task of collecting the Angelic and/or Daemonic entities that don’t belong on Earth, and deposit them back to where they need to be. Stern, tough, stoic and completely unmoved by emotions, they relentlessly track their quarry until it is caught. They commonly work in pairs, but have also been known to work in larger groups where circumstances dictate. They never work alone, but they can be distracted into such a state. They utilise the secretive information source known as the G-Men to aid their tracking.

As this is a Holy task given by the Lord, it must be completed. There is no time limit for the Ineffable to complete their tasking, and as more of the Host slip away from the Silver City, or escape/are released from the Pits, their role gets more intense. It is no easy task however, as the beings that are being hunted have no desire to return, or at least at the current moment. The hunted will defend themselves against this decree, either by tooth and claw, or by running away to save their new-found existence.

The rumours of the second coming have thrust the hordes of evil into action – they hope that by corrupting the young soul of the new-born messiah, they can gain major footholds in the on-going war, and steal a great march in the upcoming battle. As such, The Ineffable have been more focused on putting the Daemons back into Hell.

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