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Another character in A Jagged Road, although she won’t be relevant for a long time – until the main protagonists of Beginnings have grown up and started messing about with the politics of Pes Riami. Dendara is a powerful member of the Merchant’s Guild – a political organization on Marus Grand, the wealthy sector of the city. The Merchant Guild represents a capitalistic element of the world of AJR that didn’t exist in historical Egypt. The nobles of the city didn’t try to stick their hands into the lucrative trade market until well after a new class of laborers had cornered the market and amassed a great deal of wealth. The Merchant Guild exists to continue to keep the power and wealth the merchants of the city have accumulated over the generations separate from the hands of the nobles and the government that they control.

The Merchant Guild is by no means out to help the common man however. While social mobility is at least possible as a merchant, they are still much more equatable to a noble nouveau, and they lord their opulence and status over day laborers just as much as the blooded nobles do. Dendara is a dead ringer for the wealthy merchant upper-class, personally controlling a dozen merchant ships that sail up and down the Riami and even across the ocean to distant Avori. She’s dismissive and rude to anyone who can’t give her something that she wants, fortunately there is very little Dendara doesn’t want. Her ambition is tempered only by her patience and cold calculating intelligence.

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