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The subject’s full classification is “Betrifft Vierundvierzig” – translated from the German, the classification reads “Subject Forty-Four.”

The staff here, however, just calls…it…’Ziggy.’

It – Ziggy – is the end result of the Grey’s forty-fourth attempt to create a human-alien hybrid.  It stands approximately eight feet tall and is approximately five feet wide.  These numbers are approximates solely because It reacts enthusiastically to the presence of humans, which in turn makes it difficult to obtain precise measurements.

The subject is also covered with a thick fur, unlike anything else seen before.  During drops in temperature, the individual strands of fur increase in density – this effect has also been observed when the subject is in the presence of airborne agents which can damage soft tissue.

The individual strands have also hollowed themselves out when temperatures increase, or when the subject is submerged – this apparently adds buoyancy to the subject, allowing it to float.

In regards to subject demeanor, it has been previously mentioned that the subject becomes enthusiastic around the presence of people, to the degree that a number of staff treat the subject more as a pet than an alien.  It must also be noted, however, that in the presence of The Grey, the demeanor undergoes a severe change, to such a degree as to be considered barbaric.

The level of violence observed in the presence of The Grey, towards The Grey is astounding, and causes one to believe that it harbors great hatred towards those that actually breeded it.

Furthermore, it must also be noted that-

not now

-more study is-

Ziggy I said not now down boy

-required in order to

alright, Ziggy, yes, its playtime now


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