Day 11 – Joaquin

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Captain of the Razuli royal guard. Also the personal bodyguard of the leader of the Razuli, the Boy-King Valence. He served Valence’s father as well. So he’s really much older than he looks. But then again, the Razuli aren’t exactly…of this world, shall we say.

Joaquin tends to be a stickler when it comes to formality, even though he admits a lot of the rules he follows are just that—formality. He feels that once rules are abandoned, chaos will follow, and Joaquin is one of those who remember a world fraught with chaos—and he does not wish to see a world like that again. It is his long memory and vast experience in the field that gives him wherewithal to advise Valence, but it is that same memory that clouds his judgment against outsiders. He is skeptical of Ordessi and his attitude towards the Alks borders on outright loathing. Understandable, considering what the Alks did to the Razuli many years ago, but he refuses to believe they could ever change.


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  1. He definitely looks like the type to carry himself with an air of formality. Great job capturing that feel.

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